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Efficient LED lighting. Save money, See Better.

Southamtpton Container Terminal, UK Ca 800 lights on hi-masts, straddle carriers and ship to shore cranes.
London Gateway Terminal, UK Ca 2700 lights on all hi-masts and ship to shore cranes.
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30-50% better reach than competing led fittings.

Low glare, good visibility, good colour rendering, no flickering.

A better light.

Most luminaries produce a globe like output. Only a part of the light volume reaches the target area. The rest becomes stray light or glare. Our patent prismatic lenses create pyramids of light so the target area is more usefully lit while the light volume and glare are much less.

A lot of light, Little electricity

A lot of light
Little electricity

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Rugged lighting units
including EX zone 2.2 version


Harbours, air ports, sports arenas, sports centres, downhill ski pists, mines, factory buildings, sawmills, building sites, cold-storage plants and more.

Department stores, factory buildings, work shops, garages, stores, cold-storage plants, sports centres, maneges, barns, greenhouses and more.


Huge energy savings

Reduce your carbon footprint. More efficient than other LED solutions and massive improvement on legacy High Pressure Sodium or Metal Halide units.

Superior light quality

The light has a wide daylight spectrum, is flicker free and relaxing. It does not have the ‘yellow glow’ or ‘bluey white’ appearance of competing products. 

Longer life span           

A bulb change can be expected after 16000 hours use. This is 5.5 years at 8 hours per day. The other components; coated steel reflector, electronic ballast, hardened glass lens, casing, even the screws (acid proof) are best in class. Also, the quality of the light output does not deteriorate over this life span.

Better coverage

Our patent optics distribute a very even light over a wider area than other products. This can mean less lighting units are required or exterior units can be mounted lower down.

Less light waste

As well as energy, light pollution is reduced as our optics focus more of the light only where it is required. 

Less hazardous substances

The european RoHS Directive means most mercury lights will soon have to be replaced. Ours have less than metal halide and even Sodium lights.  Safer and less pollution.

Rugged construction

Our units are easy, cheap to maintain and perform brilliantly in challenging environments. The light source is intrinsically vibration resistant, hence it's use in cranes, and mobile machines. Low heat wastage makes Prismalence Ideal for cold storage.

Penguins like us

In 2002 we contributed to the US dep. of energy report on Positive White light.In 2004 we used our lights to get the penguins in Rotterdam Zoo to appreciate their space enough to start breeding. Only very few Penguins do so in captivity.

Cutting edge continuous research and design

We evaluate all aspects of lighting technology, have close cooperation with LED manufacturers, suppliers, universities, crane makers, a wide range of end-users etc.

Attention to dettail and quality

We go through all components in our fixtures to ensure the best surface treatment, cooling properties, light control and spectral output.

Environmental impact

We focus on having the smallest environmental footprint, e.g. replacing plastic with glass and metal and making

fixtures with unprecedented longevity.

This all adds up to a "no-brainer" choice for your lighting requiremenets. Be green as you can get, economic and environmentally friendly.


Prismalence sell energy efficient heavy-duty port and industrial lights based on our own patented lens technology. Giving large energy savings through prismatic light control.

Since 1984 our own R&D continuously improves, adds new lenses and test out new light technology.